Empowerhouse Courses

On-line courses

On-line courses are a highly cost-efficient way of providing in-depth training to a large number of participants, who can listen, carry out assignments, and discuss without having to leave their work place. EMPOWERHOUSE offers on-line courses “off the rack” as well as tailor made for the specific needs of customers. All EMPWERHOUSE on-line courses provide weekly lectures, work assignments, feed-back sessions and access to an on-line discussion forum, where participants can network and obtain guidance and coaching by their peers as well as the facilitator.

On site courses

EMPOWERHOUSE has vast experience in preparing and facilitating on-site courses for both end users and trainers. On-site courses allow a deep, concentrated and immediately shared learning experience to limited groups of participants. EMPOWERHOUSE combines lectures on concepts and approaches with rich examples from real cases and hands-on facilitated work assignments, in which participants apply tools and produce immediately useable outputs. EMPOWERHOUSE offers several “off the rack” on-site courses as well as courses tailored to the specific needs of participants and customers.